About Cliff

Cliff Harvey ND, Dip.Fit, PhD candidate in nutrition (AUT University)

This is my blog for random and not-so-random musings.

I'm Cliff -- a registered clinical nutritionist, naturopath, author, researcher, and speaker.
I've been helping people to perform better and live healthier, happier lives, since (way back...) in the late 1990s.
Over the course of my time in practice, I have been privileged to work with many Olympic, professional, Commonwealth and other high performing athletes.
I've also worked with many people to overcome the effects of chronic and debilitating health conditions.

Along the way, I've founded or co-founded a few successful businesses in the health, fitness and wellness space and written a few books, articles, and research papers.

More about me at www.cliffharvey.com
Find my research at my Google Scholar page
All my books at Amazon 

Check out my other businesses
Holistic Performance Nutrition - Founder & CEO www.hpn.ac.nz
NuZest - Co-founder & formulator www.nuzest.com
Nutrition Store - Founder & CEO www.nutritionstore.online 
Reconditioned.me (online coaching and nutrition) - Co-founder www.reconditioned.me 

Disclosures, conflict of interest, and revenue sources
I am a stakeholder in several companies from which I receive compensation, including Holistic Performance Limited, Reconditioned.Me, and Nuzest.
Nuzest and Nutrition Store Online (part of HP Ltd) sell nutritional supplements.
I may from time to time also benefit from affiliate links in articles and posts.

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