Monday, March 04, 2019

The Value of Surrender

The word surrender has an almost universally negative connotation.
However, the ideal of an ultimate surrender is common amongst special traditions throughout the world and throughout time.
In this context, to surrender is not to give up anything of value, or to give in to another (especially someone trying to dominate you) but is, instead, a giving up of attachment.
It is the experience of recognising resistance and instead of succumbing to it, surrendering to the process.
I was reminded of this concept while sitting in meditation this morning. There is an inevitable feeling that anyone on a journey into mindfulness will experience. It is the resistance, it's the angst of wanting to be doing something, the frustration of wanting it to be over... it is living in the future.

Surrender in the context of this angst is the realisation of the moment. It doesn't require surrendering to your impulses but instead to surrender to the moment, to the process, and to the divine. It is that release in which you stop worrying about how much time is left, and become completely at peace with sitting, for as long as it is, and come what may.

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