Friday, August 31, 2018

The Carb-Appropriate Podcast. Episode 4. feat. Pete Evans

The Carb-Appropriate Podcast show notes
Episode 4. Feat. Pete Evans, celebrity chef, paleo/keto guy, and health advocate

I met Pete originally when he was kind enough to promote the research and work that myself and my colleagues at AUT University were doing into lower-carb, real-food nutrition. Pete can certainly chat! So, strap in and enjoy! 😊

[Check out some of my work that Pete was nice enough to mention: ]

Pete talks about he went from being an award-winning chef from to a health advocate.

Primal Body Primal Mind provided much of the inspiration for Pete and his wife Nicola Robinson to start to change that way they cooked and ate at home and this lead Pete to realise the value of whole foods, lower-carb approach to eating.

4:50 – Pete talks about his transition from ‘Paleo’ (including creating paleo ‘substitute’ foods) into a more wholefoods-based paleo-keto diet

Overall, in this cast, Pete talked a lot about pro-inflammatory foods and cooking food from scratch

10:59 – “Be excited about the food that you create and the food you eat”
12:57 – “You can eat all the best food in the world and still suffer disease…or you could eat junk food and live to a ripe old age” [What else is going on other than just diet?]
19:00 – Is the next step in health care mind-body integrative work?

[A lot of general discussions ensue]

36:00 – Pete talks about some of the debate and backlash against his Paleo and Keto viewpoints [Hint: Follow the money? 😉 ]
50:00 – If you’re going to say that Paleo is ‘bad’ because it excludes food groups, shouldn’t the same criticism be levelled against a Vegan diet?  ¯\_()_/¯


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