Monday, June 25, 2018

The Carb-Appropriate Podcast. Episode 1. feat. Paul Cadman

I had so much fun chatting with Paul. In my opinion, he’s one of the few endurance coaches who has managed to meld personal experience and experimentation with an evidence-basis, and the organisation that comes from having been a successful businessman previous to becoming a coach in the endurance space. 


How I met Paul and Paul’s background in health and performance

1:48 – Paul is a Graduate of the Holistic Performance Institute (Graduate Certificate in Holistic Performance Nutrition – Grad.Cert.HPN) find out more about the course here:

9:21 – Shout out to Joe McQuillan, senior lecturer at Waikato University, one of the unsung heroes of Low-Carb in NZ 😉

10:30 – Paul’s crazy experiments with MASSIVE doses of ketones, superstarch, and more. (You have to listen to this. It’s crazy!)
Paul has used Pruvit Keto//OS and Pruvit KetoMax and UCAN Superstarch extensively. He also uses ‘sodium pre-loading’ for events with Precision Hydration products. Check them out at

19:08 – Note: The main benefit of ketones in Paul’s opinion, is because it increases cognition. He’s also observed that in his elite level athletes…

31:22 – “The bike is where you have a really strong nutrition strategy to set you up for the run…” “About 10-15 km into the run…you put whatever you need to put into your body to get to the finish line…I don’t care what it is…”

32:26 – Metabolic flexibility? Is it about fat-adaptation, or truly being able to utilise whatever you put into your body. (Or are they the same thing?)

36:30 – What are some of the key mistakes that endurance athletes make?
Take home message: Experiment!

41:52 – Paul’s go-to resources:

48:00 – What are some of the non-fitness books or ‘go-to’ for Paul?
Planning AND being able to go with the flow is the key to success.

Cliff’s note: A great book for mental solidity and being able to keep moving forward is Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willinck and Leif Babin

To contact Paul: email
Check out Paul’s site at

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