Thursday, February 02, 2017

Carb-Backloading Plus Ketones

I posted a few weeks back about my experiments with exogenous ketones compared to MCT and coconut oil, and comparisons between different dose protocols (e.g. Keto+MCT, Keto+MCT+protein) [HERE]. And also a look at how (my) blood ketone levels responded to the way I habitually eat, which is to be low-carb, high protein, high fat during the day, and higher carb at night (some people call this Carb Backloading). [HERE]

So, a few people have asked what happens over the day when you have exogenous ketones in the morning, and follow this type of plan....
Always happy to oblige with a bit of N=1 self-experimentation I have sporadically charted BOHB results throughout they day when having either a sachet of Keto//OS in the morning OR a 1/2 sachet of Keto//OS with 1 x Tbsp. of MCT oil (XCT by BulletProof) in conjunction with Carb-Backloading.
Check it out.

You can see that in the morning, after a hefty dose of carbs the night before, I would usually be around 0.2 (or sometimes up to 0.4) mmol/L of betahydroxybutyrate (the primary 'fuel' ketone). This gradually rises over the day reaching what is commonly called 'Nutritional Ketosis' (NK), a level of more than 0.5mmol/L BOHB around lunch time and steadily increasing until I start to get down with my bad self and eat (protein) cookies, milk and cornflakes. (Yes- you read that right. Don't be a hater).

BUT - when adding Keto//OS (a BOHB supplement) in the morning on awakening, I'm able to have higher available levels of BOHB all day....

So what does that mean?
Higher BOHB is going to mean more fuel for my brain and more for training. It's also incredibly satiating, and while I don't have a problem with over-eating, satiety inducing tools help me to eat well during the day...specifically so that I can have a treat at night. Have your cake and eat it too? Yep. I do.

Note: As I mentioned last time, everyone is different. Carb-backloading doesn't work for everyone, but behaviourally and functionally (for cognition, mood, and performance) it works for me.

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