Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris: Book recommendation

Tim's latest book is superb.
It's not going to win a Pulitzer, and it ain't literary genius...but it is a superb book. One thing that Tim does extraordinarily well (almost annoyingly so) is synthesize information. He did it in the Four Hour Workweek (a must-have for anyone in business), and again in the Four Hour Body and Four Hour Chef.
In short, Tim's books sometimes make me want to stop writing because he has that uncanny knack of writing just what you had wanted to write....but more importantly what you needed to read.

In Tools of Titans, Tim summarises some of the key learnings and most pertinent quotes and concepts from the various influencers ('Titans') that he has interviewed on his podcast. The list of influencers is quite extraordinary (e.g. Laird Hamilton, Dom D'Agostino, Peter Attia, Tony Robbins, Rick Rubin, Peter Thiel and so many more), and the tips and lifehacks you can gain from this book are immense. I read it through, taking only sparse notes, and immediately felt like a lot of the information in the book had already changed my perspective on life, which in turn had a BIG effect on my personal happiness, productivity, and wealth generation.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Stop trying to 'cure' everything with nutrition...

I eat well. Sure, not perfectly, and people can always nit-pick at what they see as being all the things that I could improve. But, I eat pretty damn well.
And yet, I'm still beset by chronic pain and tension, and bouts of depression. The reality is that I have some shit going on. Just like everyone else.
I have Crohn's Disease and Bipolar disorder and you know what? I'm sick of quacks and pseudoscientists claiming that they have the answer and that they can 'cure' people of all their ails through diet or supplements, pills and potions. Many of them have been on their own 'health journey' (God I hate that term) and put themselves up as a bastion of purity. "Look I did it, and so can you!"
Which is some bona fide bullshit.
Everyone is different.
We, as practitioners should strive simply to support our patients, to the very best of our ability, with pragmatic, evidence-based interventions, and then, let the chips fall where they may.
Claiming to 'cure' typically lacks any type of scientific robustness, and is an ego-play driven by anecdotes and half-truths.
Let's get back to being human, working with our own challenges and pitfalls, striving to be better, but safe and comfortable in the knowledge that we are all imperfect. And that's OK.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Carb-Backloading Plus Ketones

I posted a few weeks back about my experiments with exogenous ketones compared to MCT and coconut oil, and comparisons between different dose protocols (e.g. Keto+MCT, Keto+MCT+protein) [HERE]. And also a look at how (my) blood ketone levels responded to the way I habitually eat, which is to be low-carb, high protein, high fat during the day, and higher carb at night (some people call this Carb Backloading). [HERE]

So, a few people have asked what happens over the day when you have exogenous ketones in the morning, and follow this type of plan....
Always happy to oblige with a bit of N=1 self-experimentation I have sporadically charted BOHB results throughout they day when having either a sachet of Keto//OS in the morning OR a 1/2 sachet of Keto//OS with 1 x Tbsp. of MCT oil (XCT by BulletProof) in conjunction with Carb-Backloading.
Check it out.

You can see that in the morning, after a hefty dose of carbs the night before, I would usually be around 0.2 (or sometimes up to 0.4) mmol/L of betahydroxybutyrate (the primary 'fuel' ketone). This gradually rises over the day reaching what is commonly called 'Nutritional Ketosis' (NK), a level of more than 0.5mmol/L BOHB around lunch time and steadily increasing until I start to get down with my bad self and eat (protein) cookies, milk and cornflakes. (Yes- you read that right. Don't be a hater).

BUT - when adding Keto//OS (a BOHB supplement) in the morning on awakening, I'm able to have higher available levels of BOHB all day....

So what does that mean?
Higher BOHB is going to mean more fuel for my brain and more for training. It's also incredibly satiating, and while I don't have a problem with over-eating, satiety inducing tools help me to eat well during the day...specifically so that I can have a treat at night. Have your cake and eat it too? Yep. I do.

Note: As I mentioned last time, everyone is different. Carb-backloading doesn't work for everyone, but behaviourally and functionally (for cognition, mood, and performance) it works for me.

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