Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Hi - Is Cliff here?..." A lesson in customer care.

It's the week before Christmas and things are pretty hectic. Final orders to send away, last clients to see for the year...and a few too many social engagements. It's busy, and we all want things to be 'on point' so that we can get everything tied off for the break.

I just received a text from a courier company, from whom I was awaiting an order of product for clients stating that they couldn't deliver the package. I called up (as we need it urgently) and they informed me that because it had been addressed to me, not the company, and the courier couldn't see my name on the building, it was returned to the depot...

So now we have to have the package either redelivered or send one of our staff to pick it up from the depot. Not a big deal, but an inconvenience... So what's the point of this post?
Well, the hassle and inconvenience could have been eliminated by the courier simply going in the front door and asking our receptionist: "Hi - is Cliff here?" Four simple words to take away some stress from a customer. THAT is customer care. Not all the bells and whistles ('features vs. benefits') but the simple things you do to take away the 'pain points' from your customers. And there's a lesson in that for all of us.