Monday, November 07, 2016

Top Productivity Tools: Streak - CRM

You might be wondering 'what the hell is a CRM?'...
CRM or customer relationship manager (/management software) is used to keep track of customers, usually for tracking leads and where they are in your sales process.
Many practitioners and self-employed people don't have a high need for a CRM, or don't think they'd benefit from one. But a CRM, if it is easy-to-use and requires little time for data input can be a valuable addition to any small and medium sized business. The problem with many is that they simply take too long to get the hang of, or they require extraordinary amounts of data input, which is fine if you have dedicated sales people or office staff, but for many practitioners, the time-to-use outweighs any efficiency benefits.

That's why I use Streak. Most of my Time Rich Practice mentoring students know that I love Gmail... and Streak plugs right into Gmail so that I don't need to skip out of my inbox and enter additional data into 3rd party software. To be honest that was the one thing that led me to use Streak for our leads --> sales funnel for HPN and my other businesses. If you use Gmail I can't recommend Streak highly enough. Check out how it works here:

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