Friday, November 25, 2016

The Carbohydrate Diet Book: Don't take it from's what the experts think

“Cliff Harvey is a rare "holistic" health and fitness author who can be described by this word not only because of a bias towards the "natural" nor solely because of the subject matter, but rather because he approaches topics normally discussed in holistic circles with a truly intellectually holistic attitude. Meaning, he includes the "whole" of the evidence and places a premium on empirical, peer-reviewed research.

It's rare to make it through a page where there isn't a scientific reference, his writing style is smooth and his arguments are logical. While Cliff may have a "naturalist slant", the opposite can be said of most scientific fitness writers; that they (dare I say we!) have a "traditionalist slant". While there is nothing inherently wrong with having a slant per se, coming from a traditional background does mean that one is almost never exposed to the study of alternative philosophies and the research in the areas that are normally considered outside the traditionalists' domain. Speaking as a traditionalist (more or less), this means that there are areas of research we are simply unaware of as it is normally not on our radar (except when it's time to debunk something!) and I can say that I was pleasantly surprised to learn a fair deal from reading Cliff's book The Carb Appropriate Diet.

This is not a book for those who want to confirm their previously held beliefs. Cliff does not speak in absolutes; Cliff does not promote ideas or practice that are not backed by evidence. When he is speaking about something that he has only anecdotal backing for, he lets you know.

If you come from a more traditional scientific background and you want to step into a different stream of evidence that might surprise you in some cases, this is the book for you. If you come from a naturalist or holistic background and are ready to find out what the evidence does and doesn't support, this is also the book for you. Having said that, this book is not just theory, and in fact it gives a very logical, heuristic approach to applying the concepts in order to help you or your clients/patients achieve better health in a very straightforward manner. I definitely recommend giving it a read.”

Eric Helms MPhil, MSc, CSCS, USAW L1

Doctoral Candidate, Strength & Conditioning Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ) AUT University

“The Carbohydrate-Appropriate Diet is an excellent insight into the place of food and nutrition from a historical, a current and a future perspective. It is written with a solid base of evidence, and incorporates personal stories and honest perspectives, which makes it an easy and enjoyable read for both the academic, the practitioner and the consumer. It profiles the place of carbohydrate in the context of cutting edge nutrition-related topics and concepts. The coined phrase “carb-appropriate” is a perfect one, in that it aptly reflects the much-needed personalised approach with this style of eating. Even if you are well-versed in this area, you will still learn something, as I did. Cliff, congratulations in making this book not only informative but also enjoyable to read.”

Caryn Zinn PhD

Registered Dietician, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, AUT University
Co-author of What the Fat! (Fat's in Sugar's Out!)

“As a clinical nutritionist, I have read and enjoyed many books on diet and nutrition, but often get disappointed that there is a ‘one way suits all’ approach that the reader is asked to adopt. Cliff’s book is different. Building from a very strong scientific base, he carefully explains why biochemical individuality must be taken into account when considering any dietary approach, and that the major way to achieve this is by adjusting the carbohydrate amount appropriately. Ethnicity, gender, age, how you have eaten in the past, and other factors must all be considered according to Cliff in arriving at what is best for any one of us. Recognition of the role of gut microbes in shaping metabolism was another key plus for this book.
This is a must read for anyone interested in nutrition, and would particularly benefit those who have not found health through other dietary approaches.”

Phil Dowling MA (Nutrition)

Registered Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath and Educator

“A few years ago, while struggling to keep my weight under control, I discovered the benefits of restricting sugar and starch in my diet. The discovery transformed my life and career. I then learned that Cliff Harvey had been refining low carb approaches for years with his own brand of carb appropriate nutrition. Cliff distills his experience in this book, and I recommend it for people who are seeking time-tested clarity about how to eat well.”

- Simon Thornley MbChb, PhD

Public Health Physician and Researcher

“This is the book on real nutrition we have been needing for so long! Finally, a book that makes sense, is easy to understand and helps to unravel the mystery behind how to make optimal food choices for ourselves and our families. A comprehensive, honest nutrition resource that has the power to change the health and well-being of our population and thank goodness it is here. This is definitely one book I will have on my shelf and one I will recommend to all of my clients. 
Thank you Cliff for caring enough to help us make the right choices to achieve our amazing!!”

- Lee-Anne Wann

Performance Nutritionist, Health & Fitness Consultant,
Vodafone Warriors National Rugby League Team Nutritionist
Author of Downsize You

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Top Productivity Tools: Trello - To Do List and Project Management

There are plenty of to-do list apps and software out there. And to be honest the one that works best for you is likely to be a combination of functionality, aesthetic and simply what 'feels' best for you.
I have to admit - I really like Any.Do ( It's clean, the interface is easy, it's functional...but I don't use it.
Because Trello just offers me more.
In a nutshell, Trello is a to-do list that can also function as a planner, organiser and project management tool. Within 'boards' you can create various lists and within those lists cards. The cards can be simple, one-item notes (like a standard to-do list) or by clicking on the card you can also access embedded functions within the card, such as checklists, notes, descriptions and more.
We use it at HPN for our individual to-do lists and also as a visual planning board for course development, event management, and we've even begun to use it as a Wiki. We're there (in Trello that is) so often, that it makes sense to have it be our 'go to' place for all things HPN, especially as we may have documents and notes spread out all over the place. Trello gives us a one-stop shop to find anything that we need and gives us the ability to move cards to other members of the team.
Trello has integrations for Gmail and Chrome too so that you can make notes and add tasks for you or your team members on the fly.

What's your favourite to-do app?

Monday, November 07, 2016

Top Productivity Tools: Streak - CRM

You might be wondering 'what the hell is a CRM?'...
CRM or customer relationship manager (/management software) is used to keep track of customers, usually for tracking leads and where they are in your sales process.
Many practitioners and self-employed people don't have a high need for a CRM, or don't think they'd benefit from one. But a CRM, if it is easy-to-use and requires little time for data input can be a valuable addition to any small and medium sized business. The problem with many is that they simply take too long to get the hang of, or they require extraordinary amounts of data input, which is fine if you have dedicated sales people or office staff, but for many practitioners, the time-to-use outweighs any efficiency benefits.

That's why I use Streak. Most of my Time Rich Practice mentoring students know that I love Gmail... and Streak plugs right into Gmail so that I don't need to skip out of my inbox and enter additional data into 3rd party software. To be honest that was the one thing that led me to use Streak for our leads --> sales funnel for HPN and my other businesses. If you use Gmail I can't recommend Streak highly enough. Check out how it works here: