Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Framing your intention to BE

There was a time, despite having already written two books (one of which was an Ashton Wylie book award finalist and category best-seller), that I still considered myself an 'aspiring author'.
At around the same time I had a discussion with my good friend and mentor, Dr Ian Brooks (www.ianbrooks.com).
I was telling Ian that I was doing a lot of speaking but I often wasn't getting paid what others in the field were or I was being hustled into speaking for free at events.
He asked why I didn't value what I was doing enough to charge appropriately for it. I replied that I felt like I was 'still cutting my teeth'. His short answer to that was
"Well when are you going to be done with cutting your teeth and BE a speaker?"

Like many pearls of wisdom...actually truth-bombs, that Ian has completely mic-dropped on me, this was epiphanical and changed forever the way I work, and see myself.
You see, to truly begin to BE that which we seek to be, we can't simply do the work to get there. We need to also visualise that we already are.

It can feel a little disingenuous to start to say that we are an [insert favourite thing to be here] and it's a running joke that your local coffee server is actually a model/DJ/actor.
But when we consider that the subconscious mind only really responds to present tense imperatives, it could very well be that it is impossible to become anything, unless you start to BE (live) it now!

What I mean by imperatives is that the subconscious mind is like a linear, present tense processor.
It is concerned with survival now, not the future, and so to make what we want to become, safe and appropriate (and therefore achievable) we need to frame it in a way that makes the subconscious mind take notice.
This means saying what we want to be, as if it's already occurred.

So if I want to be an author I should say to myself "I AM AN AUTHOR" instead of "I'm an aspiring author" or "I'm going to be an author".

We can make it more powerful by adding adjectives i.e. "I'm a GREAT author".
And let's face it, you might actually be a shitty author...but the reality is that if you tell yourself you're a shitty author you're bound to either remain one, or become one. But if you tell yourself in no uncertain terms that you're a great author (or great nutritionist, personal trainer, whatever), then you at least have a shot at being one without your little internal 'protector', the subconscious, sabotaging you.

So what do you want to be? An author, a speaker, a nutritionist, trainer?
Then affirm it to yourself in the PRESENT and in a powerful way.

I AM [whatever I want to be]....

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