Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Seek Out Your Own Salvation...

Post by Cliff Harvey

Buddhism provided my earliest spiritual foundation.
As a young, atheistic firebrand and activist I took the above quote to mean that I didn't need an external 'God' or belief structure to achieve spiritual enlightenment. But as I have grown older (and yet only perhaps slightly wiser though) I have realised that it is much more 'basic' than that.

We need to always look within (as well as without) for the reasons that we may not be living our life of passion and purpose.
If you're dragging chains from the past you won't be able to fully express yourself and move forward with clarity. More damagingly it is easy to associate these chains (of negative self-worth, limiting beliefs) with situations or people around us. We can easily begin to think that someone else is holding us back, when in fact it is our own sh&t that is keeping us from being able to truly recognise the opportunities around us.

So look within and move. Seek out your own salvation...with diligence. 'Seeking' is an action, just like happiness is a doing, not a happening.

~ Cliff

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