Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Do the Little Thing You're Not Doing

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

Do the little thing you’re not doing.
In my years in clinical practice I often asked clients how many times per week they were going to be exercising in the next month. The answer inevitably was something like “I’d really like to train 6 days a week…” or “Around 3-6 days per week” or even “Every day!”
All of which are great answers IF you are actually going to do it! 

When starting a process of change it is better to do what WILL be done, rather than setting a schedule or program that is unrealistic. 
A plan is unique and takes into account the time allocated to it. Therefore if you decide that you absolutely WILL exercise 3 x per week and set a plan that takes that into account it may be far superior to a plan in which you have decided to train 6 x per week but only end up consistently getting in to the gym 50% of the time to do it. 
The training time is the same, but the results can be markedly different. 
Let’s say for instance that I am going to take up weightlifting and decide to train 3 x per week doing both snatch and clean and jerk. My mate Bob on the other hand also takes up weightlifting and decides to train 6 x per week doing snatch and clean and jerk on alternate days. The problem is that Bob’s plan is unrealistic for his lifestyle and he ends up missing every second workout. We each train the same amount of time, but he only manages to master ½ the sport (the clean and jerk) whereas I develop a more rounded skill-set and if we ever competed (not that this post is about competition per se) I would probably come out on top. 

To simply start, and to DO is critical. The ‘perfect’ plan or progam in any aspect of life is only so good as being able to actually do the work. 

A small step taken is bigger than the biggest step planned. 

~ Blessings