Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stop Organising, Start Doing

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

Sometimes you just have to sit down at your computer, open your emails, start at the bottom and work your way through until they are all actioned.
And I'm not just talking about emails, but any list of tasks, or set of 'stuff' that needs to be done.
Organisation is fantastic, and being organised so that you get less emails, or have less of any inconsequential tasks to do is essential to getting more value out of your available time.
BUT organisation and constant deferring, especially of the 'important' but not 'urgent' tasks can become just another way to procrastinate. And even if it's not the most efficient or effective method all of the time, at least some of the time simply sitting down to fully clear a list of things to do is what you must do to find clarity and a fresh start.

~ Blessings,

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