Friday, March 14, 2014

Pride Comes Before a Fall...

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

It seems that so often in life just when you think you it all sorted out the universe gives you a swift kick up the backside to remind you that you're not 'all that'.

Whether it's thinking that we 'finally' have the perfect job, or the perfect relationship, or that we are the strongest, best looking, fittest, most intelligent [insert your own ego-driven fantasy here!] person around, something comes along to show us that we are fallible.
This fallibility just serves to show us how transient all things are. How whatever arises must ultimately fall, and most of all that life is a process not a destination, nor even a series of destinations but a beautiful dance of interrelationships and dynamics between us, others and the world within and around us.

There is no shame in falling, as it reminds us to not get tied up in our own sense of self importance. Falling allows us the opportunity to learn and grow and develop the strength to get back up (if need be time and time again) and to live as part of this flow.
Ultimately it serves to show that we are an integral, unique and divine part of a greater whole, and that we are not greater than others we share this universe with.

~ Blessings,

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