Monday, March 10, 2014

Do it first, do it everyday

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

One of the reasons people fail in the endeavours that will lead them closer to their big goals and ultimately to living closer to their life of passion and purpose is not doing 'the work'. 

For example I'm often asked about how to become a writer and my answer (also a favourite reply of my good friend Ian Brooks) is; "Are you writing?". 

The reality is that no one is born a writer, born an athlete or 'born' as anything else they may choose to do. Notwithstanding of course that some people are more 'natural' at certain  pursuits or have attributes that will ultimately allow them to be better than average (or extraordinary). But the point remains that although a genetic or other base may be present, doing 'the work' is still the key link in actually making anything happen! (of course...)

And one of the very best ways to create a pattern of behavior is to do those priority actions each and every day. A quote from the great wrestler and coach Dan Gable goes "If it's important do it everyday...if it's not important don't so it at all". This adage is a powerful call to action to be circumspect with your time and to do the work that matters and to not waste time with the extraneous. 

Doing the important things first in your day is THE most powerful technique that I have used for getting things done. In the modern world it is far too easy to become distracted over a hectic day and to lose the passion, inspiration and energy to do the important things. That's why doing them  first is so critical. 
It ensures that 1) they actually get done, 2) that they are given the appropriate energy and intention and 3) that they are preeminent in your mind-set (a key part of encouraging the creation of the neural pathways associated with this desired pattern of action-->being.)

Define one or two of the most important daily activities that you'd like to be doing as part of your life of passion and purpose and begin to do them each and every day!

~ Blessings,

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