Monday, July 29, 2013

Don’t ‘Work’ if You Are Not Being Productive

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

Today I feel terrible...
I can feel my glands up, my body aches, I'm sore and headachey...and yet, like any other day I have a to-do list as long as my arm and even though I'm not being productive I feel a distinct sense of guilt for not working. This is the time though that I (and anyone that happens to be in this same situation) need to ask myself: "If I'm tired (and I mean truly, physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted) am I really going to be effective?" and more importantly "If I'm truly exhausted is just trying to 'push through' really the best way for me to encourage optimal health, vitality and happiness?"

Commitment to a task, a sound work ethic and getting ‘stuck in’ are all imperative for accomplishing any of the big goals in life, but we also need to be pragmatic. If you are not making headway on a task you might, in many instances, be better off taking a break.

If I find myself with writer’s block, or not being productive for more than a few minutes, I stop and take a break. Often if I’m tired from training or not getting enough sleep, I’ll do one of my favourite things: siesta. Or I’ll go for a walk, meditate, go to the gym or even better, take myself out on a solo date where I do something I have wanted to do – like go to the local art gallery or to a movie. Even a small break when you are feeling like everything is getting on top of you can be enough to kick-start your creative fire and give you the energy you need to launch yourself back into your day with gusto.

Be gentle with yourself. 


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