Monday, July 29, 2013

Don’t ‘Work’ if You Are Not Being Productive

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

Today I feel terrible...
I can feel my glands up, my body aches, I'm sore and headachey...and yet, like any other day I have a to-do list as long as my arm and even though I'm not being productive I feel a distinct sense of guilt for not working. This is the time though that I (and anyone that happens to be in this same situation) need to ask myself: "If I'm tired (and I mean truly, physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted) am I really going to be effective?" and more importantly "If I'm truly exhausted is just trying to 'push through' really the best way for me to encourage optimal health, vitality and happiness?"

Commitment to a task, a sound work ethic and getting ‘stuck in’ are all imperative for accomplishing any of the big goals in life, but we also need to be pragmatic. If you are not making headway on a task you might, in many instances, be better off taking a break.

If I find myself with writer’s block, or not being productive for more than a few minutes, I stop and take a break. Often if I’m tired from training or not getting enough sleep, I’ll do one of my favourite things: siesta. Or I’ll go for a walk, meditate, go to the gym or even better, take myself out on a solo date where I do something I have wanted to do – like go to the local art gallery or to a movie. Even a small break when you are feeling like everything is getting on top of you can be enough to kick-start your creative fire and give you the energy you need to launch yourself back into your day with gusto.

Be gentle with yourself. 


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Living a Life of Purpose is Something You CAN Choose!

To be happy and  fulfilled are choices we can make, not coincidences that simply occur.

We all, each and every one of us, have the power to change our lives and that power comes from our freedom to choose…
And while it is true that most of what we do (90+%) is unconscious reaction to stimuli, the devil is in the details!..and it is the small amount of conscious direction, when married with mindfulness that provides for the junction of critical awareness that allows us to correct our life's course when we feel it is not headed towards the life of our dreams.

We can choose the way we act in the moments that we catch ourselves about to react, on a day to day basis, and over time this can change the way we think and the way we feel and the way we are. 

The person we are today is a result of the way we have acted and reacted to all the situations that have been presented to us over our lifetime. We have created our present selves and we continue to create ourselves according to what we do each and every day.

We have the power to create a better future for ourselves by changing the way we act in the present.

Present choices lead to future realities.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

You Always Have Choices …Even When You Think You Don't

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

We live in an era when our time is becoming less and less ‘ours’. Work hours are rising, commuting times are rising and it can sometimes seem that our lives are being constantly eroded by the world around us. 
We live in a society that has rules, constraints and conventions. 

We have laws, statutes and legislation and these preserve a collective code of conduct that the majority of us believe in, most of the time. 

We also have social and cultural conventions that bind us to act in certain ways as well as an economic (monetary) system that for most of us means we have to work in order to pay for our needs and wants. 

It can seem at times that we actually don’t have that much choice in our lives. That we are dominated by the constraints imposed by society and our freedom, far from being absolute, is becoming less and less. 

It is true that our freedom is not absolute. Even in a state of complete anarchy and without any social, cultural or economic systems we would still be bound in what we are able to do by the laws of nature (although over time I would like to think that we can bend these too!) 

We do however choose to abide by many of societies conventions. Most of us for example are law abiding citizens. We make a decision to not break laws most of the time, because we can see the rationale and sense behind them. We seek as human animals, to expedite our survival and self preservation, and laws and conventions provide a collective protection that enables this. 

We also seek to enhance our position and our social stature amongst others of our species. By abiding by social conventions we also help to enable this. We innately crave the protection that association provides. 

As a relatively weak omnivore with few natural defensive attributes against predation, we crave ‘strength in numbers’ wherein we associate with others and form a community and ‘communities’ in wider and wider circles of association. All of these communities have different rules and conventions and we choose the degree that we act in accordance with those depending on our motivation and our inclination to be included. 

There is a large degree of fluidity in how much we individually will abide by laws and conventions. We each choose which laws, rules and regulations we will and will not break and we choose which conventions we wish to conform to. 

Most of us consider ourselves to be ‘good, decent, law abiding citizens’ but we all break laws from time to time. Depending on how we view ourselves, what we want to achieve and who we want to be we will make choices at times to break laws. For example speeding, traffic and parking offences are laws that the majority of people choose to break regularly. 

People choose to break laws, just as they choose to follow them. We all choose to follow and conform to rules and conventions of clubs, groups, districts, cultures and countries. 

We could just as easily ‘opt out’. We could choose to not follow any rules and regulations...

But most of us, most of the time, choose to conform to certain rules and not to others. We make these choices based upon who we are now and who we want to be.

This choice is one of expedience, but is also the act of taking a position of power in which we decide our life's path from this point and become no longer willing to be a bystander in life, but instead to co-create our life of passion purpose with the universe...

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Sunday, July 07, 2013

A Conscious, Intentional Paradigm Shift

Our current paradigm is not working.

We have fooled ourselves into thinking that accumulating more and more possessions will somehow, at some stage, provide happiness in our lives.

I think most of us realise that this is futile, and yet we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. They say that making a mistake is one thing, but repeating it is madness … so perhaps we have all gone a little mad.

It certainly seems that way when we look at how we are depleting the Earth’s resources at an ever-increasing rate, polluting our beautiful planet, enslaving other living beings and treating them with appalling cruelty, and becoming, as a species, sicker and more tired.

There’s got to be a better way!

And there is.

But to create the change necessary requires more than simply changing actions within the same paradigm we have created. It requires a ‘conscious shift’ out of the current norm of consumerism and materialism to a mindset of greater simplicity, a mindset where giving is more important than receiving, and a mindset where we have allowed ourselves to dream the lives we want to be living and have rationally evaluated what is really necessary to bring that life to fruition.

The economic crisis of the last few years has brought this to the fore for many, and I have seen in clinical health practice and in my lectures and workshops that the people I speak to have really begun re-evaluating what is most important in life. This may well have been the silver lining to the cloud of our most recent economic depression.

We need to re-evaluate life and how we live on a greater scale, and perhaps now we are at a time where a real conscious shift is happening, as more and more people rebel against the norm of working long and hard for little real reward and instead focus on increased happiness and satisfaction.

Our motivation is the primary driver of what we do and is unfortunately provided by the conditioning of the prevailing world paradigm, which is clearly shaped by consumerism and materialism. In fact I would go so far as to say that the prevailing mentality in the modern world is greed.

And whilst actions of conservation, charity and connection are absolutely crucial to even begin to enact change in the world, there must also be a fundamental shift in consciousness to change the paradigm of how we live. We need to begin to recognise what is most important in life – not just that there are problems in the world – and begin to live our lives according to what is most important.

We must absolutely begin to live our lives in a way that does not conform to the processes destroying the planet and reducing the potential of happiness in the world. Our very survival depends upon it.

We need to realise (in the epiphanic sense) that happiness and joy come from joyous experiences – joyous experiences provided by the acts of connection to others, connecting to the world around us, and ultimately connection to that which is greater than us. This aspect of that which is greater than us may be called, in esoteric circles, the super-conscious or divine, but it is being proven more and more regularly, within the realms of emerging sciences such as Noetics, to be an integral and tangible aspect of the physical universe.

Perhaps when there are enough amongst us who are more concerned with people than Prada, a ‘tipping point’ will occur and the prevailing paradigm will change.

A paradigm of thought is only so because a majority of people believe it, therefore profound, paradigm-shifting change in a very real sense can occur when enough people believe in its possibility and begin to act in concert outside the norm. This fundamental change in perception away from status, ego and greed must occur in order for us as a species and for the planet as a whole to survive.

The modern sciences are proving again and again that we are all connected and we are, in turn, connected to everything else on the planet and in the universe. By honouring this we are, by extension, honouring ourselves; conversely by honouring our own health (not just physical but emotional, mental and spiritual) we honour and improve the health of the whole.

I have been asked countless times about my seemingly simplistic attitude that happiness is the goal of an objectively desirable life.

As a health practitioner I have seen that health is equal to happiness! Health of the body is happiness of the body, health of the mind is happiness of the mind and health of the spirit is happiness of the spirit.

And so, although this seems simple, I wonder:

Why not?

Why can’t we all be happier?

What is stopping anyone from being healthier and happier?

We all live out our own karma. Certain things must occur because events of the past have precipitated them, and often they provide for the learning opportunities we need to experience in this lifetime; and yet we can still feel victimised when calamity befalls us. But we have the choice in any given moment to act in ways that improve our circumstances, and we also have a choice to begin to engender more and more the conscious shift that can literally change the entire world and the universe in which it sits.

There is beauty in simplicity. I invite you to be part of the beautiful change.

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