Monday, June 03, 2013

To where we fall others climb...

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

I was sitting in my hotel room after doing a short morning workout of pistol squats and handstand pushups, and began thinking (and becoming a bit disconsolate) about how much strength I had lost through lack of time, intention and energy devoted to it, and injury. 
I know as well as anyone else that we can't retain forever what we 'have', for possession is futile...all things change, and for that we must not lament but feel gratitude. But more than this knowledge I was struck by the realisation that the 'little workout' I had just done contained two movements that although comfortable for me, even in a condition I consider to be less than optimal, are goals to achieve that many people set and work towards over months or even years. 
To berate myself felt like a demeaning of their efforts and changed the context of my thoughts to those of gratitude for the health, vitality and strength that I DO have, not what I may or may not have lost.

You need not be satisfied with where you are in life, but to be happy you must be grateful for all the good within it.

~ Blessings,

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