Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Crisis of Disappointing Yourself

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

There is perhaps nothing quite as heart breaking as when we disappoint ourselves. Disappointing others is one thing, but disappointing ourselves, when we break our own moral or ethical code, is something else on an entirely different scale.
Our identity can become so tightly entwined with who we think we are, and how we believe we should act, that if we happen to act in ways that are counter to that it causes an enormous psycho-spiritual crisis.
We feel in these moments as if we have lost our identity, and in these moments there is a real danger that we will 'give up' and begin to play into our more callous base instincts (hedonism) rather than continuing to live a life that is congruent with our highest purpose and our highest ethos.
We need to remember that none of us are perfect and that each time we fall is an opportunity to stand again and learn from the experience so that what we have created as the fantasy of the person we could be, becomes the reality of the person we are.
We all embody the angel and the demon and although it can be hard to understand when others hurt us, we must also be kind to those that do, and kind to ourselves, for we all are facing and fighting great battles.
I have fallen more times than I can remember and my thanks eternally are with those who have forgiven.

~ Cliff

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