Saturday, October 13, 2012

Causation, Correlation or Co-Factor?

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

One thing I constantly remind my nutrition students of is that just because a factor is associated with a negative health outcome, doesn't necessarily mean that it caused it.
It may be corollary or a co-factor, but we often commit the error of assuming causation.
There have bee several moments in life that I have thought; "This situation is making me unhappy!..."
But with the benefit of meditation, prayer and conscious communication, I have realised that most often it isn't the situation that makes us unhappy, but instead that the dynamic created by situations shines light on old wounds and old patterns arising from the past, thereby causing pain. So often these situations occur as triggers for our own self-limiting patterns, and provide an opportunity to grow, learn and evolve, and come out the other side stronger.
These periods of depression, darkness and heart ache have always lead me to be able to appreciate more of the light and love of life.

In particular of late I have been reminded of several important things:

1.  No matter how many dozens, hundreds or thousands of people I've helped, I'm far from perfect and always have room to learn and evolve as a human.
2. In spite of being a 'good' person I can still cause hurt. For that I'm sorry, and I strive to be more caring, more compassionate and connected every day.
3. Practitioners need help too...helping others isn't a substitute for seeking help and doing self-work with a facilitator.
4. One must bring the shadow self into the light. Not to get rid of it, but to accept with loving compassion the totality of our unique human condition.
(We all embody the angel and the demon...)

I stand in the shadows, but I walk on. Thank you to those who help light my way and take me by the hand when it is too dark to see.

~ Blessings

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