Friday, May 04, 2012

Plant the Seed, Tend Your Garden (AKA 'Keep keeping on')

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

Switching from being based primarily in Canada to basing from my home in Auckland, New Zealand has been somewhat of a slow transition.
Any of us would love to have instant success, instant wealth, instant fame, or instantly be able to change the world for the better in a grandiose way, and whilst this may happen in rare instances, for the most part if we are to achieve the things in life that really matter we need to keep on keeping on.
We need to consistently put in the work to move towards our objectives, and we need to keep on trying...and in some cases keep on failing, until we hit upon the right formula and a time at which all the work we have put in results in that magical 'tipping point' when plans reach fruition.
My best friend, rocker Kent Brooks and I call this 'throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks' other words trying things, delivering ('shipping' as Seth Godin would call it), and ultimately being comfortable with the things that don't work out, because these wrong paths help to highlight the eventual right one.

The value of 'keeping on' was highlighted just this morning while I was sparring at Tu Kaha BJJ.
Attempting a sweep that didn't seem to be quite working, instead of backing off I kept pushing through and after what seemed like an age ended up in the mount. I could have stopped, but instead I just kept on keeping on and eventually, even though I didn't think I had it, I ended up with the desired result.

Coincidentally when I got back into the office after training this morning I had several emails asking me to speak at events. Every single one of these was from a contact that I had met, stayed in touch with and made an effort to continue to be of whatever help I could, even though it seemed unlikely that anything would ever come out of it. However by keeping on keeping on, the networks, friendships and connection that was nurtured has resulted in some exciting new outcomes for later in the year.

Plant the seed, tend your garden. 
Nurture it with care and keep on keeping on. 
Your efforts are never in vain, and will always bear fruit in the end. 

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