Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Metta Meditation

[Post by Cliff Harvey]

When performing mindfulness meditation you can begin to enhance and develop the faculty of loving, non-judging compassion by using this simple meditation.
It will help you become more comfortable with forgiving and loving even those who have hurt us most deeply.

Start by sitting in stillness and connecting to your breath.

Then begin to visualise those that you love.
With each breath out imagine that you are sending them love and light. You can visualise this as golden or beautiful radiant white light. Repeat the word 'LOVE' to yourself as you imagine this flow of light to those you love.

Then visualise people that you know.
Begin to also include other people, perhaps people that you know but aren't so close to. Continue to imagine a flow of radiant golden or white light coming from your heart and bathing them.

Begin to visualise those you dislike. 
As able begin to include those that you dislike. This includes people that you may distrust, and those that have hurt you.

Continue to send love and light to these people, and when resistance comes up simply let it be and return to the image of the light and the repetition of the word 'LOVE'.

~ Blessings

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