Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Choosing You! A Day of Awesomeness: Vancouver June 3rd

On Sunday the 3rd of June I'm hosting an all day public event.

It's not often that I'm able to provide full day workshops and I hope you'll consider coming, and will forward to people you know that might be interested.

The day is called "Choosing You - Connecting with your life of passion and purpose".
It won't be recorded or webcast as I've tried to create a workshop and an environment that is as much about learning from and with each other than simply listening to a bunch of information broadcast from yours truly!
As such it is an interactive, fluid experience in which you'll be able to evaluate and identify your own value set and ethos so that you can set the goals that really matter and begin to create a life of greater passion and purpose right now. 

We have a cool venue organised at Tides Canada and plenty of room if you want to bring a group. In fact bringing a group of like minded people can only help to encourage an energy and dynamic conducive to some serious intentions, dream setting and purpose finding!

If you're interested in coming all the event details can be found HERE.

Early bird tickets are significantly less expensive than regular tickets will be, so if you're interested, get in quick!

See you in Vancouver!

~ Cliff

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