Friday, April 06, 2012

A Prescription for Positivity

One of the things I love about being a Naturopath and working in the mind-body field is that you can do cool stuff like writing prescriptions for positivity!

The key to becoming more positive by nature is to create a habit of positivity.
Habits become entrenched through repetition and so we need to be consistently creating the intention to live a positive, growth driven life, and committing to actions that encourage the 'doing' of 'being' positive until it becomes a belief.

Daily prescription for positivity:
1. Create a daily intention every day
2. Spend 10-20min per day meditating
3. When negativity arises ask yourself 'What do I want to be true instead of this negativity?' You can then 'flip' the negative belief into a positive affirmation. Use this positive affirmation throughout your day.

(Remember that positive affirmations and belief statements should always be positive, present tense and personal. In other words they are a way of saying what you want to be true as if it is true right now e.g "I am strong, confident and free!")

Repetition leads to the creation of habits...create the habit of positivity! 

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