Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love: The Ultimate Intention


One simple word with so many meanings.
We perhaps overuse the word love to denote what we like, but love; true, unconditional love, is the greatest felling-thought-emotion that we can ever know.
Unconditional love is all encompassing. It requires complete forgiveness - of both self and others - and total compassion for all.
When we connect to unconditional love we can feel as if we've been set free on the beautiful flow of life, no longer tethered to ego driven grudges and petty animosities.

That's why I love setting the simple intention: LOVE.


Daily intentions are often based upon more specific things we want to work on or achieve, but sometimes the simple intention of LOVE can be all that we need. In fact sometimes I wonder if we even need to bother with anything else...

Try taking that one simple word into the forefront of your mind today, and whenever you may feel  lost and alone, stressed out or anxious, or frustrated with others and the world around you, simply bring that word 'LOVE' to your attention.
God is in the word - what we think becomes our reality...
So what better reality to create than one based upon love?

~ Blessings

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