Wednesday, January 04, 2012

How to Set the RIGHT New Years Goals and Resolutions

It's that time of year when people sit down to focus on the year ahead, and inevitably that entails setting goals and resolutions...which famously few seem to stick to!

It's the time when gyms do a bumper trade and diet fads, detoxes and productivity systems sell like hot cakes...

The biggest problem that I see around this time of year (and when I work with people on goal setting in general) is that people often set the absolute dead wrong goals!

People miss THE key step in setting and achieving the goals that really matter and that is: to identify the life you want to be living!

This seems to be simple step, in fact a step so simple as to be unnecessary, but without actually taking the time to think about and connect with key aspects of the life we want to be living we have no idea whether our goals are leading towards that.

The question that most people ask themselves when setting goals is 'what could I do?'
In this respect goals give direction, which is exactly what they should do...but if the direction is not congruent with your values and ethos (in other words your best case life) the direction will be all wrong!
So rather than simply asking 'What could I do?' we should perhaps ask 'What would I love doing, and what would be congruent with my highest purpose in life?' (Lofty goals eh!?)

Starting the goal setting and resolution process with a Value Setting exercise helps us to set the right goals, the goals that matter and that are congruent with our highest values and ethos.

This value setting can be as simple as taking the time to think about your perfect life: what your environment is like, how you are, how you treat others and are treated, how you live and what you do day-to-day.

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