Saturday, December 24, 2011

So that was 2011... [plus a special Xmas gift!]

Wow - what a year!
It was a little over a year ago that I arrived back in Aotearoa after a little over 3 years in Vancouver and nearly 5 years spent mostly overseas.
The experience in Vancouver and wandering the globe had provided a period of unprecedented personal growth. Unfortunately at the same time I had invested heavily in a venture that didn't pan out and also fell victim to a combination of the global financial melt-down and my own pig headed stubbornness (AKA trying to hold on to too much for too long) and in the process lost the majority of my property, shares and other assets.

The dire nature of the situation hit me upon landing in New Zealand and going to my local Star Bucks for a coffee. "Sorry sir that card's declined"...yep..that's right. My very last card with any money on it declined for a $3.50 coffee...

Basically the situation couldn't have been any worse financially, but thankfully I was able to lean on my family for support, especially my Dad and wonderful sister Charlene who has been a rock for me on so many occasions.
That first Christmas back in New Zealand was really hard. Not being able to afford presents for loved ones especially was really stressful. I was blessed at that time to spend a lot of time with my God Father David Walden and his family and their presence was a much needed incubator for my motivation and confidence.

Hitting rock bottom can be soul destroying. You feel like a failure and you feel that you have little to offer. This is especially true for guys I think, and it was fascinating (in retrospect) to have to re-evaluate my relationship with time and money. I am not a materialistic person, but I was shocked at how much my self valuing and self worth was affected by my relative poverty (relative to the modicum of success and wealth I had achieved in the previous years). This was a learning that I was blessed to have.

There is though something strangely powerful about hitting rock bottom...
There is no surer way to avoid the choice conundrum. Your options become extremely limited and you have no choice but to work hard, work lean and work smart to achieve your goals.
There really is no way to go but up, assuming that you actually knuckle down and do it!

Not to say that it's always easy to haul yourself up. This year has in fact been very difficult but in looking back on the last 12-15 months I can now do so with a huge amount of pride.

Some of the things I am most proud of from 2011:

  • The publication of my second book Time Rich Cash Optional: An unconventional guide to happiness - a book that I am really proud of, and that garnered great exposure and reviews on TV, radio and in nationwide magazines in my home country and abroad. 
  • Re-establishing my clinical practice in Auckland and having that continue to grow over the year.
  • Being able to re-establish a speaking presence in New Zealand and being invited to speak to many groups and organisations. 
  • Getting traction for in New Zealand and having the honour of working with several of NZ's top fighters including: Doug Viney, Richie Hardcore, Joe Hopkins, Steve Heremaia and Ben Sisam. 
  • Working with some fantastic people in a new venture launching several amazing products next year (can't wait for release!)

There are also little goals that I set and achieved for my own peace, sanity and happiness. Little things like buying a new surf board and buying a car, just a few of the 'things' that help to provide for joyous experiences, and things that weren't an issue several years ago, but that grew in context when approached from a standpoint of $2.30 in the bank, high debt and no cash flow!

So I feel very happy, and very comfortable with a great 2011. It's been challenging, and there has been a lot of hard work this year. And I justifiably feel that pleasant, comfortable tiredness of a job well done.

2012 promises to be amazing! 
In the coming year I will be rolling out several brand new products that I am really excited about, and that will provide opportunities for me and my network of health professionals.
I also have a Life and Purpose workshop series launching in 2012 that draws on the exercises and themes from my books, articles and from the experiences of my clinical mind-body practice and that will help people to connect with their life of passion and purpose, to set real, valuable goals and achieve them and much more!
And there will be some very cool charity projects on the board too. I'm looking forward most I think to giving back now that I'm in a stronger position again to do so.

Thanks to everyone who was part of this amazing year of growth and transformation: My readers, friends, whanau and clients and patients.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. I love you all!

And to thank you all for your support and love this year I am offering Time Rich Cash Optional: an unconventional guide to happiness completely FREE for 4 days from Xmas day onwards (kindle format from Amazon) here:

~ Cliff

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