Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daily Intention: 'As I Give, So I Receive'

Sometimes what we 'need' or want, and the pursuit thereof seems to take up a lot of our mental space.
Especially in these times of financial hardship, for many not having enough, wanting more and working hard to attain those things is preeminent.

But this can blind us to the help, support and care we could be providing to others...and if we are blinded to this too long they in turn will begin to turn away from us.

This is the law of reciprocity in action. We do for others, not necessarily so that they will do things or provide for us, but simply because we want to as part of our life of love.
The side effect of course is that what we give flows back to us.

I like to think of financial abundance in these terms too. It is a flow. If we hold on too much, and are too focused simply on what we can get, and not on giving to others, like a pool it stagnates and the inflows can be negatively affected.

'As I give, so I receive' is a daily intention that I have set many times this year.
It feels great to simply take some time to focus on being of service to others, and it is even quite de-stressing to do this.

I find it a great way to reduce the worry we sometimes fall into of thinking too much about whether our efforts will bare fruit and instead simply focus on living in the present and giving to others and doing for others.

A great action to tie in with this affirmation is to accept ANY request for help.
If someone from a charity asks for a donation, you give what you can. If someone asks for help moving, you do it. If someone needs someone to talk to - you are that person.
While we can't always acquiesce to every desire others have of us, this exercise can be useful in showing just how much we can do for others, and how enjoyable it is to be of service to those in need.
By making the decision to simply say 'yes' to requests (even if only for a short time) we remove the stress of thinking "Should I, or shouldn't I" - because we've already made the decision!

Give it a go!

Take this beautiful intention of flow and reciprocity and see how it can change the context of your day.

~ Blessings

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