Thursday, August 04, 2011

Good Health's 'Happiness Project' unveiled on the 15th August!


An online survey conducted by Good Health magazine to establish how happy New Zealand women are has revealed some surprising results*.

30% of Kiwi women are concerned about their level of happiness, and 34% don’t know how to increase it. Appearance plays a big part in their unhappiness, with 34% of Kiwi women saying they aren’t happy with the way they look, and 56% claiming they would be happier if they lost weight.

Women’s happiness was hindered by feeling guilty in a range of areas,  including: not exercising enough (64%), eating too much (46%), not achieving as highly as they should (37%), letting people down (34%), and not having enough time with friends and family (27% equal).

66% of Kiwi women have experienced high levels of stress with almost half having felt depressed (47%) and suffered from some form of anxiety (45%). Money was also a big feel-good factor, with 33% stating winning a million dollars in Lotto would make them happy, and 26% saying lack of finances makes them unhappy.

Full survey results will be published in the September issue of Good Health magazine, along with Part 1 of a 3-month Happiness Plan. Written by New Zealand’s ‘Happiness Coach’ – naturopath, nutritionist and mind-body therapist Cliff Harvey – the plan is a simple, effective way for every New Zealand woman to reduce stress and worry, and improve day-to-day happiness.

“The survey resulted in a lot of positive feedback, but also identified what makes Kiwi women unhappy,” explains Editor Shelley Ferguson. “This meant we could create a tailored, positive and practical plan to get more Kiwi women smiling,” she says.

Shelley Ferguson – Editor: (09) 308 2673;
Jackie Campbell – Sales & Marketing Manager: (09) 308 2846;
*Source: ACP All Woman Talk Panel (May 2011) n= 1583

ABOUT Good Health
Good Health New Zealand Is a magazine for people with a healthy attitude to life! Our aim is to make NZ Good Healthinformative, up-to-date, relevant to women's lives and fun. Every issue is packed with information – cutting-edge health and medical news, psychology, relationship advice, fitness, kids, food, fashion, beauty and much more. Above all, we want to empower our readers with a sense that they can do something positive to enjoy a long and healthy life.” – Shelley Ferguson, Editor, NZ Good Health
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Source: Nielsen CMI (Jul-Dec 10)

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