Friday, June 24, 2011

Sexist Comments by EMA Boss Plainly Offside

People may already be getting sick of the debate and furore following Alasdair Thompson's comments on radio about inequity in pay between men and women.
But I'm pissed off.

He reasoned that women were paid less was because they are less productive and take more sick leave, stating:"Why do they take the most sick leave? Women do in general. Why? Because once a month they have sick problems. Not all of them, but some do."
To my knowledge statistics are not kept on sick leave and gender differences thereof in New Zealand, therefore his contention is at it's most basic an assumption. One has to assume a large amount of gender bias to even make this assumption if it's not coming from any sort of statistical basis. And while he may claim anecdotal evidence I think many (I hope most) of us who have worked with, employed and worked for both men and women will know this is simply a Victorian fantasy coming from the mind of someone trapped in the stereotypes and bigotry of a bygone era.

More concerning to me than the comments was the half-hearted 'apology' of Mr Thompson after the fact.
In my humble opinion an apology to simply cover one's arse and provide for PR damage control is not authentic - it's a waste of breath and an affront to civility and humility.
His apology was framed as to 'apologise for causing offence' whilst also not retracting his comments and in fact saying that he stood by his position - ergo giving with one hand simply to take away with the other.
This also points to a superior, and dare I say sexist mentality.
Apologising that it causes offence?
If you truly believe what you have said then stand by it and don't apologise! Don't try and sugar coat it to preserve your position and placate the people who have been angered by your comments.
If you realise the error of your ways then apologise, but only then, and do it authetically and taking repsonsibility for yourself and your actions.
Basically MAN UP BRO!

The EMA has also defended their boss stating that: "If you take the comments in context, we don't believe they were perhaps as outrageous as has been painted."
That an organisation representing Employers and Manufacturers here is not concerned by their leader and spokesman's comments points to a culture of misogynism that is repugnant.

Is the EMA simply an 'old boy's' club? I'd hazard a guess that it is. It is not representative of New Zealand as a whole, and certainly not in line with simply what is right. (Although the EMA is very...very 'right')

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time Rich Cash Optional ~ In-store event and signing.

Time Rich Cash Optional: An unconventional guide to happinessTIME RICH CASH OPTIONAL BOOK LAUNCH EVENT
With Cliff Harvey

At Goodeys Bookstore/Wise Cicada
Tuesday 28th June 2011 – 6.30pm for 6.45 start
Please book by phone: 524 5000 or email
Or check out the facebook event page:

Cliff will be giving a sort talk about Time Rich Cash Optional and answering reader questions.

The old ways of materialism and consumerism have not made us happier. In fact it seems that more of us are getting tired, sick and less happy. Cliff Harvey, a naturopath and mind-body-spirit coach, presents the simple premise that the point of a desirable life is to be happy. He then leads us on a winding journey showing how we can fill our lives with moment after moment of joyful experiences and happiness. Using examples, reflections, anecdotes and his own inimitable style and humour, Cliff weaves disparate concepts of simplicity, life purpose, mindfulness and eco-sustainability into a cohesive system to achieve our goals and find fulfillment and life satisfaction.

In Time Rich Cash Optional you will discover how to:
• Embrace the unconventional to find your life of passion and purpose
• Fill your days with moment after moment of wondrous, joyful experience
• Uncover your creativity and playfulness to become a 'Life Artist'
• Integrate work, life and play so you'll never again have to 'work' to make a living
• Simplify your life and discover more time, money and energy - Define your dreams and set the goals that really matter

About the Author
When CLIFF HARVEY isn’t wandering barefoot, having epiphanies whilst surfing or regaling beautiful women with fanciful tales over a glass of fine wine, he is a naturopath, author and speaker. In over 13 years in practice he has helped thousands around the globe to live happier, healthier lives and continues to inspire through his writing, speaking and personal spiritual and life purpose mentoring. Cliff came back from the ravages of Crohn's disease to win two IAWA weightlifting world championships and set several world records for feats of strength. When not lecturing, writing and in clinical practice you might find training with world level and professional MMA fighters, bouncing at bars, or road managing rock bands. It’s all experience … and that’s the stuff life’s made of! And if all else fails you’ll find him blissfully dozing on Takapuna Beach, Auckland, New Zealand or Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC.


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Forgiveness is perhaps the most crucial part of the process of recovering from any trauma. 
We often have very natural feelings of blame for others as well as guilt, self-doubt and many and varied other aspects of these emotions. 

I have always believed that forgiveness is synonymous with unconditional love. 

Universal, unconditional love is that most empathetic of positions where we realise the divinity in everyone, and the ultimate kernel of goodness that resides within all, even those for whom it is mired in greed and narcissism.
Forgiveness is the action of Universal love. 

It does not excuse the poor actions of people, and we do not have to stop fighting against injustice. We need not forget that certain people are perhaps dangerous to us, but we can forgive them their trespasses, and in doing so we stop wasting our precious energy in the moment through worry and anxiety of what has been, and instead are able to be more present in the now, for what is. 

When people treat us poorly, or hurt us they are in effect withholding their love from us, and forgiving them for withholding their love is a crucial step in feeling free and released from the shackles of our past. 
I'm reminded of the quote "Holding a grudge is like letting someone live rent free in our mind", and any form of resentment, doubt about our past actions, and self loathing is also the same type of pattern. 

Most important perhaps is to forgive ourselves for our actions, and for the love we withheld from others. 
We can (and must!) learn from our past mistakes, but once we have: a) recognised where we have acted poorly and b) taken the learning from it; we then need to forgive ourselves. 
Because at the end of the day it is about giving the same love to ourselves that we give to others. They are worth it because they are aspects of the beautiful and perfect divine...and so are we. 

Honour, love and value yourself. YOU are worth it.