Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time Rich Cash Optional (an unconventional guide to happiness) has arrived!

This is an unconventional guide to happiness...

We are at a critical junction in our development.
The old ways of materialism and consumerism have not made us happier; in fact it seems that more and more people are becoming sick, tired and less happy.

Stop simply being alive...and start really LIVING THE SH%# OUT OF LIFE!

In Time Rich Cash Optional you will discover how to:

  • Embrace the unconventional to find your life of passion and purpose
  • Fill your days with moment after moment of wondrous, joyful experience
  • Uncover your creativity and playfulness to become a ‘Life Artist’
  • Integrate work, life and play so you’ll never again have to ‘work’ to make a living
  • Simplify your life and discover more time, money and energy
  • Define your dreams and set the goals that really matter

In stores from the 27th May

Available NOW at Amazon and other online retailers


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