Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some Saturday Kettlebell Fun in the Sun!

 I never really 'plan' to train on Saturdays...

Even in my hardest training phases I like to 'front load' my training week and get all my heaviest and most challenging work done earlier in the week.
But with that said I almost always do train on Saturdays - but because it's not planned I simply get out amongst it and do something fun!

This is never so evident as when I have been doing some research and reading on new training methodology, or if I have picked up a new training implement...

It's been a little while since I have trained consistently with Kettlebells, and so I was absolutely stoked to get a surprise from my friends at One Rep Max ( - a brand new 24Kg RKC style bell!

Of course I couldn't wait to see how it handled and so this morning, on awaking to a beautiful, sunny Auckland day I decided to play around at home with the new bell.

Many of you will also know that if I do timed work I like to time my sets and exercises by song, rather than by the clock.

Todays workout would consist of 6 songs in total. 4 songs would comprise the work component with 2 songs left for the mobility section at the end.

I would attempt to do as many reps as I could (switching hands when necessary on the one arm lifts) in the time allowed by the song, and immediately switch to the next lift at the commencement of the next song. The only rest I allowed was BETWEEN songs (usually only a few seconds) in order to reset grip and quickly slap on some chalk.

Here's what I did:

'Alone' by Like A Storm (2:49) One Arm KB Snatch - 60 reps
'Attack' by 30 Seconds to Mars (3:09) One Arm KB Overhead Press - 60 reps
'Bottom' by Tool (7:14) One Arm KB Cleans - 156 reps
'Brena' by A Perfect Circle (4:24) Pullups - 33 reps

I did Pike Arches, 3 Point Hamstring/Hip Flexor Stretches and some Sun Salutations to finish whilst listening to 'Change Tomorrow' and 'Galaxy' by Like A Storm.

Total Training Time (including mobility work) = 26min

Give it a crack and see how many reps you can do to your own play list!

...And f course at the end of the workout I loaded up on some Vital Greens, Vital Protein, fruit and berries! ~ Ethical, Vegan, alkaline sports nutrition for Veggie fueled warriors!

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