Monday, January 10, 2011

Keeping Resolutions - Part 3

The "It's Broken so I'm Giving Up Mentality"

How often do we set resolutions and then launch into them with gusto. 
We decide to not drink, to give up sugar and to exercise...
And then at some stage we find ourselves gorging on donuts at Tim Horton's at 3 in the morning after a night out boozing and decide it would be a good idea to NOT go to the gym in the morning...

So often one simple slip up can be enough to completely derail someone's efforts.

It's a slip up...

Who cares? Move on, get back on the horse and do what you need to do to live the life of your dreams. 

I remember being called by clients in a state of utter distress:
"Cliff I ate an ENTIRE chocolate cake!!! I've blown it completely!"

To which I usually say something like. "OK Stop. Now think about it - Have your goals changed? Do you still want to look, feel and perform better?"
(Their inevitable reply is that their goals haven't changed and they still want to look, feel and perform better!)
And so the ONLY option for them is to continue with the process. Either that or give up on living. 
Yes I'm that serious - being alive is's the default. You woke up - congratulations, now you want a medal?
Living - REALLY LIVING is a little more difficult - it's simple but actually doing it requires a bit of effort. 
So we are in this skin a long time. There will be calamities along the way. But if we really want to improve, if we REALLY want to achieve our goals we simply must stay in the process and honour ourselves enough to keep on keeping on...even if we feel as if we've blown it. 

~ Cliff

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