Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What do you do?...

My buddy Paul Hemsworth calls me a "Happiness Coach".
BTW - He's a Strength Coach...and a damn good one!
This is one of the questions that for those of us without a 'job' is often the hardest to answer...

To this day I am still stopped for a second when someone asks this.
Several options flash through my mind in a heart beat: Naturopath, Nutritionist, Life Coach, Mentor, Author....
But none of these really sum up completely what I do, and perhaps no definition really can.
I've heard it said that if you can really define what you do then you're not other words you are expendable, replaceable and not an artist.
And I certainly don't take offence as some do when asked this question - for it is fascinating to discover what others do, most especially when they are living something that they are truly passionate about and have in the words of my great friend Julien Emery achieved the 'integration of work, life and play...'

Readers of this blog may have the best insight into what I really do....

And that is to help people to be happier. Plain, simple and to the point.

I was talking with one of my dearest friends about the conundrum of 'what we do' last week whilst he was here visiting from Canada. His succinct description was "You're a Happiness Coach".. My initial thought was that it was a a little flowery...a little 'airy fairy!' But the more I thought about it I realized that it's quite beautifully simple!

You see I equate health of the body with happiness of the body; health of the mind with happiness of the mind; and health of the spirit with happiness of the spirit.
Both health and happiness ultimately require some level of 'connection' with the world around us and all that it entails, and health and happiness of the entire mind-body-spirit complex requires the provision of great, healthful 'food' (not just the stuff we put into our mouths!) for the body, and for the mind and the soul.
 (That might be why I'm so fond of saying to my clients that the coffee and cake that I enjoy on a Sunday is food for my soul!)

So I don't necessarily see any difference between helping someone to eat more effectively, coaching someone to achieve their goals, or using therapeutic modalities to help them release negative and self limiting beliefs. In fact the modalities I use are all tools that work effectively well together to help people to realise a life of greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

I often think that ANYONE who does something they love is in fact working as a conduit, in their own inimitable way, to make people happier. An artist provides an emotional response in the viewers of his or her art, a coach helps someone to achieve some of the goals that enrich their life and an author provokes that same visceral response through their writing. At the end of the day the passion and love that is translated through our work is received by our client/reader/patient etc and becomes their love, their joy....and yes...their happiness.

So I think I'm cool with it....
Perhaps next time someone asks me what I do I'll say "I'm a Happiness Coach!"...

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  1. Hey Cliff

    Great post! I always find it stange that we try to categorize people by asking this question. It's incredibly hard not to ask it when you first meet someone, but if you think about it, what people do often really isn't a good reflection of who they are. Sometimes a better question is "What are you interested in?".

    I wrote a post recently about this just before I left my job to start a new life, you can read about my thoughts here:

    All the best
    Michael (London)

  2. Thanks Michael! Really enjoyed your post too mate (so much so that I reposted at my Tumblr:
    Another interesting question is: "So what's next?"...which leads people to launch into a frantic quest for a simple answer...which often isn't in line with their highest goals and highest purpose. I had this very dilemma when I finally retired from weightlifting after achieving my goals - and then realizing that in the aftermath was beginning to set goals based on others expectations rather than those that were in line with my dream life.