Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make Your Thorns Known ~ Guest Post by Jenn Thiel

I came up with this thought the other night, not sure why but maybe it's because I'm learning to become more assertive; to stand up for myself.

A friend came to talk to me and was so pumped that she was able to confront her boss and discuss with him some things that had been bothering her. He had said some unprofessional things to her as well as mentioning some comments behind her back. She was buzzing with excitement and feel good emotions of standing up for herself. I can COMPLETELY relate to this! Being a sensitive, caring, happy person makes it sometimes difficult to express how I really feel. I guess it comes from that 'people pleaser' notion that I'm sure I have.
We talked about the situation, and how it was very difficult for her to approach him and have a "conversation". It doesn't have to be a "confrontation", which we often get worked up and worry over. Rather, calling it a CONVERSATION and having an honest talk with someone can take a lot of that worry away. There will always be things that bother us, always people to test our limits. I'm going to start practicing having more honest and truthful conversations with people who may push my buttons just a little too much.

I was thinking about this, and then for some reason thought of a rose. A rose is beautiful. It is an expression of love, happiness, joy, you name it.
The funny thing is, is that roses have pointy and sometimes painful thorns protecting their stems. These thorns do not make the flower any less beautiful, rather they make it more unique. Because of these thorns, we all know to handle this flower a little more delicately as we don't want to get hurt ourselves.

Think of these thorns as our own assertiveness. When we stand up for ourselves, and demand respect, we become more beautiful and unique. People respect someone who will say how they feel, rather than someone who just takes it all. Showing our thorns brings about a sense of confidence that radiates to everyone sending the message that "I am strong. I know what I want. I know who I am. I am beautiful. Treat me the way I deserve to be treated." Just some random thoughts, but I'm practicing this more and more. It's just a conversation!! And the more you practice standing up for yourself and setting personal boundaries, the easier it will become. Soon you won't have to try so hard in order to make your thorns known because they will be shining brightly, available for everyone to see... making you more unique, confident and BEAUTIFUL!!!!

~ Jenn

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