Monday, August 02, 2010

3 Years in Vancouver...

I began the way it ended....over a few drinks with my best mate.
What started as a whim and a fancy, and an idea honed by the sharp dullness of a few pints of the amber stuff ended as a beautiful resignation of those years spent wondering, learning and growing beyond measure.

My time in Vancouver was defined by the amazing people that I met. I said to my crew when I decided to leave that we have been a part of something special...and we really had.

I could not think of a time or place when I would be so surrounded by motivational and inspiration people.

The time in Van was one of experiences. Joyous and wonderful experiences.
One can lament what could have been, what wasn't and what is lost...but at the end of the day it is the joyous experiences of a time spent with amazing people, growing and connecting that makes this life worth living.
And this I had, and have still in the connections I made, connections that will last a life time.
In some ways the role play of sweeping dichotomies that was my life in Vancouver made the questions of who I am, what I do and why I do it harder to answer. After all being a bouncer, a strength coach, a nutritionist, a Naturopath...a Reverend and pastoral counselor, and some time roadie for a rock band can be a mouthful and ultimately confusing for all involved in the conversation....but at the same time the answers for me are clearer than they have ever been.

Thank you to all the shining lights who made my time in Vancouver a fantastic one. And although I will be back there is of course some sadness in changing bases because we know that those loving, smiling faces are not just in the next room or a short walk down the road.

But in our hearts they remain.

  Love and blessings always,

    ~ Cliff

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  1. Goodbye Cliff. Wish I would have made your acquaintance sooner.

    All the best,
    Al Heinemann

  2. Thanks Al. It was great meeting you in Vancouver - and thanks for your support attending my workshops.
    We'll have to catch up when I'm next back in Van (I should be back to do some lectures in the Northern summer 2011)