Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top 10 chosen by you!

I was looking over the site stats and thought it would be cool to see what the top 10 posts at cliffdog/ have been over the last few years.
I was pretty happy with the results, as the most viewed posts are some of my favourites.

Check out the articles below and feel free to post your comments and let me know what your favourite articles are!

1. An Interview with Steve Angell - A True Spiritual Warrior
My interview with weightlifting and strength legend Steve Angell. Steve tells us of his physical and spiritual journey through the strength disciplines to become one of the strongest men to walk the planet. We discuss strength of body, mind and spirit in this great (and heavily reposted) article.

2. An Interview with Wilf Betz - Professional Mixed Martial Artist
My fight coach and friend; Professional MMA fighter Wilf Betz interviewed by Emily Beers of the Performance Advocate.

3. Barefoot Walker Accosted by Police!
My barefoot antics nearly get me into trouble with the VPD!

4. Stop Getting Through! 
I discuss the modern tendency of exhausting ourselves with stimulants, stress and overwork and why this is so damaging for us. Originally posted in 'Can-Fit Pro'

5. 6 Life Lessons I Learnt Surfing
A run down on some of the epiphanies I have had whilst sitting on my board or duck diving white wash.

6. A short note about spiritually based life coaching...
A surprisingly highly viewed short piece on the spiritual coaching aspect of my Naturopathic counselling practice.

7. 'Be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting a great battle' ~ Philo
A discussion around Philo's seminal words; words that I consider to hold timeless wisdom.

8. More words that inspire...The Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
One of my favourite poems, and another that holds inspiration and wisdom, true and timeless.

9. You, Beautiful You ~ A poem by Cliff Harvey
A poem that I wrote. Allusions of deception of both the self and others in the pursuit of comfort, solace and company.

10. The Universal Truth of Love
How my Mum showed me from a young age the beauty of universal love and how years later this allowed me to come to peace with God.

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