Tuesday, June 22, 2010

3 songs x 3 workout!

Over the last two months I've traveled through Washington, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Oklahoma with my boys in Like A Storm; and ending up surfing in Tofino and chilling in Whistler with family (and about to embark on another jaunt around BC!) Suffice to say that we found it difficult to say the least to find a gym on the road!
Between LOOOOONG drives, playing shows, getting back late to the hotel only to crash, and then up and in the van for another drive the next morning, there was little time for a structured gym workout.
I've never really been too worried by being without a gym. I have several friends who would never even think about going away without access to a training facility but after travelling through over 20 countries for extended periods of the last 10 years I know that it's not always possible to find...and the pursuit of such can be a sure fire way to wreck an otherwise more interesting holiday.

If nothing else being away from a gym provides a break from the same implements and patterns that you can fall into when training at home. It also forces one to 'display adaptability'. I remember reading a very cool article on 'displaying adaptability' in an old issue (one of the few 'hard copy' editions they printed) of T-mag many years ago. It had examples of people with less than optimal schedules, financial situations or physical attributes who still fronted up and trained hard and effectively in spite of their circumstances.

On the road the fatigue of travelling and late nights dictated a significant reduction in intensity and volume but I (and Kent from the band) made an effort to still get in regular workouts of lunges, bodyweight squats/pistols, and a variety of chin ups (we take a chinup bar with us on the road) and pushups with the odd bout of yoga and stretching/mobility work. I do admit that after several weeks of only callisthenic work I really crave the feeling of heavy load and any hotel gym that actually happened to have weights (especially some heavy bells) or at the very least a universal machine provided some variety. Not always ideal but when situations are not ideal what are you going to do? When the choice is nothing versus 'displaying adaptability' and doing something I choose the latter.

A great variation that I am really fond of for on the road training is timing supersets or circuits by songs and simply doing as many sets as you are able during the time limit set.
Currently on the road I am doing a '3 songs for 3 supersets' routine. This involves doing two exercises 'back to back' for the length of 3 songs and then switching to another superset for 3 sets and finally doing another superset for 3 songs (3 songs for each 2 exercise superset for 3 rounds.)
The average song is 3-5min in length and so you end up working out for on average of 24min with a high degree of intensity (if you don't muck around between sets too much!)

Here is an example workout from the road (upper body emphasis):
A1) One Arm Pushups
A2) One Arm Pullups (with a 'jump' from the bottom to get some reps in)
B1) Stick Pushups (I was reminded of these by my friend; strength coach Jon-Erik Kawamoto of JK Conditioning .)
B2) Pullups
C1) Close Grip Pushups
C2) Chinups
I don't worry too much about reps - simply going to 'Tmax' (the max that you can do without sacrificing form and whilst fully completing all reps.)

It's that simple and while it may not be the most technical programme on the planet, when you've got to display adaptability...you do what must be done!

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