Monday, May 31, 2010

Religion vs God

It is interesting the amount of religious higher education that is available nowadays.
I guess it's a function of the underground growth in evangelism and of course the big business that higher education now is.

But in reality religious learning is learning about religion - not about God or how to connect with the divine...

True healing, total health and freedom truly comes from the connection to the divine (that which is greater than us) and can only come about through action and more so in actions leading to surrender.

The entire point of religion is to provide a conduit for a direct connection to source. All else is moot; and when we get hung up on the dogma and ritual, or the opinions of various religious scholars as the 'word of god' we (to paraphrase the old Buddhist parable) can only see the finger pointing to the moon and not the moon itself...

Any of the world religions has at it's core connection with the divine. The nuances of each are merely semantics; expressions of the cultural, religio-social morphology that historical events forged. Whichever religion one feels a connection with; that one is able to align with, is true and just, and if it allows a direct experience of universal love and energy (the superconscious/divine) that binds us all, then it has served it's purpose.

The problem arises when religion becomes not a tool, but the goal itself; when it becomes self serving.
The only reason this occurs is through ego driven and self serving actions of greed - which are the antithesis of connection and this in turn drives the fanaticism and and dogmatism that is anathema to spirituality and spiritual health.

God, or the divine is too great to understand entirely within the frames that we as human animals have developed. It is akin to the individual cells within our bodies being able to independently conceive of what we are as a human being with a multifaceted and complex personality, identity and ego.
The difference between the cell and the organism from the 'cells eye view' is unfathomable!

IF the imprecise and imperfect frames that we create around the concept of 'God' (be they the frames of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism or other) allow us to connect more to the divine (and to one another and the world around us) then they are ALL valuable and beautiful.

To suggest that one is better than another is spiritually immature and to neglect them in entirety may be throwing out the baby with the bath water...

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