Saturday, March 27, 2010

Intentions - By Melissa Lawrence

"Intentions are the energy of your soul coming into contact with your physical reality"

Dr. Wayne Dyer ~ Everyday Wisdom

Intentions play such a huge role in our everyday lives. It is one of the ways we connect our soul to the physical world, as Dr. Wayne points out. How about starting your morning with a daily morning ritual and make a list of positive intentions for the day. It will take you no more than 3 mins, grab your journal or piece of paper and write or just silently recite in your head, the wonderful intentions you tend to create in your life today!

General Excerpt from my morning Intentions;
From this moment on perfect health is mine. Beauty, love peace and abundance are in my life today and always. I will be the center of cheer and good will to all those around me, infecting them with my good spirits and cheerful mood. My intention is to be guided by my higher-self, listening for it's questions and answers to direct me to where I need to be, who I need to talk to and what I am to do today and everyday. I choose love and happiness in every moment no matter the situation presented.

I also use specific intentions through out the day, or at night before I go to bed. Setting intentions before bed is a wonderful idea, as your subconscious will take these 'commands' and focus on them while your sleeping, to put into right action for when you awake the next day.

Excerpt from a nightly Intention:
It is my Intention to have a calm , relaxing, productive meeting tomorrow. I intend to end the meeting with success, leaving with exactly what I came for! I will remember everything I need to talk about in the meeting, I will speak slowly and clearly and with great intelligence. I will remember I am always safe and secure where ever I go and I only attract kind, loving, open, giving, understanding people into my business life.
~ Melissa Amber

[Cliff's Note]
Great piece by my friend and associate Melissa Lawrence.
Check out Melissa's Blog

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