Tuesday, November 10, 2009

CanFit Pro Vancouver Conference Wrap Up

A real highlight in my busy fall speaking schedule was being invited to speak again at Can-Fit Pro's Vancouver 2009 annual conference over the weekend.
I had an absolute ball last year presenting on Recovery Nutrition for Athletes after only a short time living in Canada.
The response and feedback from that lecture was just so great that I was only too happy to speak again this year.

With both of my lectures scheduled for Sunday I was able to spend Saturday catching up with fellow speakers, delegates and old and new friends within the industry and catching a few great lectures (particularly my friend and colleague Carmen Bott's 'Fat Loss Strategies' - lecture slides can be accessed at her blog: www.carmenbott.com)

I opened Sunday with 'Training Movements not Muscles' - a lecture on the neuromuscular basis of training.
(Thanks to everyone who attended!!!)
It was a real joy to provide some much needed research based strength training concepts!... And judging by the post-lecture questions the topic was one that both caused a stir and educated and inspired people!

I changed tack on Sunday afternoon and put on my 'nutrition and natural therapies' cap and lead the audience through a winding journey on the similarities and differences in the Holistic and Traditional Nutrition fields and how we can bridge the gap and go beyond 'nutrition' to improve our health and that of our clients. (Slides included here:)

Thanks again to all the attendees of my lectures - I hope you were informed and inspired by my particular take on health, strength and total wellness! Please stay in touch.
And thanks to Can-Fit Pro for giving me the chance to educate, to connect and to have a lot of fun spreading the message of positive, growth driven health and wellness. See you all next year!

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  1. Brilliant - when I look at other gym goers' nutrition and what they are directed to eat by various trainers when compared to my holistic plans prepared by Cliff, the gap is very apparent. It is fascinating how many choose poor quality nutrients to meet the energy needs. Sorry I couldn't be at the lecture, but I have benefitted from Cliff's input for almost 4 years now and know the value of this approach firsthand.

  2. Anonymous5:33 pm

    Awesome presentation Cliff! Very inspirational :) You're doing amazing work!