Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Nobility of Small Decisions

The Nobility of Small Decisions - By David Krueger MD
resposted from The Secret Language of Money

We recognize in parenting, from the very beginning, that we really don’t know which interactions or words will be really important, or even remembered. Knowing that we don’t know, we have to assume that everything we do is important. Everything matters.

Consider the very small decision of stopping for a $4 coffee each day. Calculate how much that is per year. With interest, how much it would be in ten years. In twenty years.

Epictetus asked twenty centuries ago: “What is a good person?” The one, he reflected, who achieves tranquility by having formed the habit of asking on every occasion, “What is the right thing to do now?”

You can be held hostage by small decisions. Or, you can be effective, achieve mastery, and freedom by small decisions.

All you have to do in life is the next right thing

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