Thursday, October 29, 2009

About Cliff

"My goal is simple - to make peoples lives happier! It may sound trite but for any of us who have a passion and a career that they love, this in turn is simply a conduit by which we make people happy. And this happiness, this change in perspectives from negativity and decline into growth and positivity can quite literally change the world we live in..."
- Cliff Harvey

Cliff Harvey is a health coach and mentor and the author of the sleeper hit "Choosing You - How you can choose to live the life of your dreams...right now!"

He has been featured in magazines and on television and radio around the globe as a health and wellness and performance expert.

Cliff has been invited to speak for many prestigious events and organisations, including The University of British Columbia, Langara College, Can-Fit Pro, NetFit as well as to many sporting organisations, multinational corporations and charitable events.

Cliff is a Naturopath specialising in mind-body modalities, spiritual coaching and performance holistic nutrition.
He holds additional certifications in: Reiki, Psych-K (Advanced), Homeobotanical Therapies, Nutrition and Strength and Fitness Training and has an interesting pedigree that includes:

12 years in practice as a strength coach, nutritionist, natural therapist, naturopath and life coach
2 x IAWA All-Round Weightlifting World Champion
Holder of several World and National Records for feats of strength
Consultant to dozens of World Championship, Olympic and Commonwealth games athletes
Consultant to many national and professional sporting bodies.
Competitive submission wrestler

“Cliff Harvey is the kind of guy who makes people ask the question, 'What doesn't this guy do?' His credentials include being a nutritionist, a natural therapist, a strength coach, a philosopher, and a writer. Oh yeah, he is also a World Champion athlete... “After just a brief interview with Harvey, it became apparent that he is indeed a rare breed - one of those unique individuals who enjoy having an overwhelming load on his plate. In fact, he takes the expression 'a lot on your plate' to a whole new level...”
Performance Advocate - April 2008

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