Friday, October 30, 2009

Stuff I Like! ~ Training Music!

First album The End of the Beginning from my favourite band 'Like A Storm'

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Contacting Cliff

"Due to the large amount of email I receive and in fairness to my existing clients, I am unable to answer specific health questions or provide plans and information via email unless you have registered as a client. I do try to answer all messages from my readers though!"
- Cliff

Contact Cliff:

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About Cliff

"My goal is simple - to make peoples lives happier! It may sound trite but for any of us who have a passion and a career that they love, this in turn is simply a conduit by which we make people happy. And this happiness, this change in perspectives from negativity and decline into growth and positivity can quite literally change the world we live in..."
- Cliff Harvey

Cliff Harvey is a health coach and mentor and the author of the sleeper hit "Choosing You - How you can choose to live the life of your dreams...right now!"

He has been featured in magazines and on television and radio around the globe as a health and wellness and performance expert.

Cliff has been invited to speak for many prestigious events and organisations, including The University of British Columbia, Langara College, Can-Fit Pro, NetFit as well as to many sporting organisations, multinational corporations and charitable events.

Cliff is a Naturopath specialising in mind-body modalities, spiritual coaching and performance holistic nutrition.
He holds additional certifications in: Reiki, Psych-K (Advanced), Homeobotanical Therapies, Nutrition and Strength and Fitness Training and has an interesting pedigree that includes:

12 years in practice as a strength coach, nutritionist, natural therapist, naturopath and life coach
2 x IAWA All-Round Weightlifting World Champion
Holder of several World and National Records for feats of strength
Consultant to dozens of World Championship, Olympic and Commonwealth games athletes
Consultant to many national and professional sporting bodies.
Competitive submission wrestler

“Cliff Harvey is the kind of guy who makes people ask the question, 'What doesn't this guy do?' His credentials include being a nutritionist, a natural therapist, a strength coach, a philosopher, and a writer. Oh yeah, he is also a World Champion athlete... “After just a brief interview with Harvey, it became apparent that he is indeed a rare breed - one of those unique individuals who enjoy having an overwhelming load on his plate. In fact, he takes the expression 'a lot on your plate' to a whole new level...”
Performance Advocate - April 2008

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The Book....

This thoughtful, inspiring book takes you on a journey of empowerment, self belief and personal responsibility to show how you can achieve your dreams and live the life you have always wanted to live.
Through personal reflections, essays and anecdotes Cliff examines why we make the choices that we do and how to recognise when those choices are pushing us away from achieving our dreams.
He further examines dreams, goals and ambitions and provides practices for goal setting, mindfulness and awareness, providing practical examples and activities that we can use day to day to nurture our dreams and reach our goals.

Here's what readers have to say about 'Choosing You!'

"Cliff's book is great! I think the universe is trying to tell me something…
The week after I received the book from you, a patient gave me 4 CDs as a present - The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. As I was reading your book, I also started listening to the CDs in my car. Both these things are telling exactly the same thing! Sadly though, when I was younger I truly did live these principles out but somehow along the road, forgot how to!
Now the book & the CDs are teaching me again. I am forced to look deep within myself again & find my dreams…”
People like [Cliff] are few and far between. Thank you for helping me & sharing the book with me. It is one of those books that a person will read more than once. Each time you read it; it will address another aspect or give you a different view."
–Name Withheld- South Africa

"You know the saying that a book comes our way exactly when we need it....well your book came to me at the perfect time…
Your style of writing, your wording and your vision is so connected to mine so it’s really easy to read your book. At the same time, I am at a point in my life where I really want to go to the next I keep thinking about it....
Your words and steps to action are giving me more clarity and guidance to get things rolling....Your book has added momentum to where I am already heading...
Thank you for helping me bring more focus and direction as well as confidence to my life as I move forward.
I have lots of power to choose, I know this, and your book has reminded me in many ways."
–Hana - Vancouver, BC

"I just finished the book and loved it!
Good job. The most significant reminders for me were mindfulness, quality time & energy management, and your Dad’s ‘Inaction in Action'. I got more stuff done this weekend than I have in ages!
I really liked the personal anecdotes and schedule examples - extremely helpful. Rock on! I loved it…and I can't wait for the next one!"
–Sarah - New York, NY

"Thank you Cliff for writing your book!!!
I LOVED IT! It honestly made me have a vision again.... it was great (especially since you wrote in your own ‘kiwi talk’!)
But honestly thank you so much!! it was fantastic!!!! great work !!!"
–Leah – Vancouver BC

"What an awesome book to have on the shelf! I've read it twice now and I'm constantly referring back to it. I highly recommend it.”
–Fraser - Auckland, New Zealand

“I have nothing but praise for you as a nutritionist, sounding board
for training ideas, relationship counselling, life and where it was heading…
You’ve shown me that to enjoy life you have to be true to yourself first and be passionate about what you do”.
–Kate – Auckland, NZ

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Nobility of Small Decisions

The Nobility of Small Decisions - By David Krueger MD
resposted from The Secret Language of Money

We recognize in parenting, from the very beginning, that we really don’t know which interactions or words will be really important, or even remembered. Knowing that we don’t know, we have to assume that everything we do is important. Everything matters.

Consider the very small decision of stopping for a $4 coffee each day. Calculate how much that is per year. With interest, how much it would be in ten years. In twenty years.

Epictetus asked twenty centuries ago: “What is a good person?” The one, he reflected, who achieves tranquility by having formed the habit of asking on every occasion, “What is the right thing to do now?”

You can be held hostage by small decisions. Or, you can be effective, achieve mastery, and freedom by small decisions.

All you have to do in life is the next right thing