Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I can eat this much?! (Comment from a new client)

"Hi Cliff,
I started on the nutrition plan you drew up for me yesterday. I've just got a question though, it seems like a truck load of food. I normally wouldn't even eat half of this. Is this for real?!!!"

YES! Most of my clients are quite shocked by the amount that they are able to eat on my plans.
We seem to be so indoctrinated into the idea that to lose 'weight' we need to drastically restrict calories and eat like a bird. However I am not encouraging my clients to lose 'weight' I am encouraging them to optimise body composition.
And the best way to do this is to create a 'metabolic furnace!'
We want to encourage the body to tap into stored fat reserves, convince it that it's not starving and make sure the food we are eating is being stored as structural tissue and functional cells within the body, not as a stored fat reserve.
I call this "optimal nutrient partitioning" a topic I lecture on at the tertiary level here in BC.
The equation is actually quite simple. Train hard, eat fantastic QUALITY food in the right amount to maximally fuel your life, training, recovery and repair and eat the right nutrients at the right times!
.......And if you want a hand with learn how you can become lean and mean without starving yourself.....let me know!:

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  1. Having first hand experience of this I can state just how true it is as being a fact. I eat more food constantly than I ever have, and even after a recent forced 2 weeks off training... have remained constant in weight and composition.

    It takes time to get there, but once you do it is something of a revelation. My body has been fuelled by Cliff's plans for over 3 years now and I look at food quite differently now.