Saturday, June 06, 2009

What have you given back this month?...

There is an old tenet of financial planning that says "Pay yourself first.."
It is basically saying that you need to put aside money first and foremost for yourself, for your future and to accompish the things you want to accomplish in the future. I agree completely.....

Except that I pay myself SECOND...

Each and every month when I am paid for consultancy services I FIRST donate a proportion of EVERYTHING I earn to charity. I also donate a portion of all of the profits of FITNET to IsOne (The International Society of Eudaemonists) - a group I founded which fosters greater connection, charity and conservation.

It has been estimated that if everyone donated even 1% of their income to charity we could COMPLETELY eliminate world poverty. Now I haven't run the figures.....
But ANY amount that we can do for our fellow man is worthwhile...and the benefit to us, in terms of our own happiness and satisfaction pays us back ten fold.

I'll be honest. I am struggling like many of you out there right now. In the last few years property values have plummeted and interest rates have in many places skyrocketed. Cash flow is tight to say the least....

But no matter how tight things get, and no matter what sacrifices I have had to make of late I still was able to eat a filling, satisfying, balanced healthy meal before I sat down to right this.

I still am able to go out for dinner, have a beer at the pub with my mates, put clothes on my back and enjoy at least a few of the finer things in life....Something so many are not able to do.

And so I pay those in need first...and then I pay myself. I encourage you all to do the same. It is time to make a change in the world....
There are many, many things we can do and giving to those less fortunate is one of those things...and one we can start to do right now....Because if not now when?

Here are some of the charities that some of the members at IsOne have donated to:

GiveWell is an independent, nonprofit charity evaluator that performs in-depth research on charities to help people accomplish as much good as possible with their donations. You can donate to GiveWell’s top rated charities through their website:

The International Planned Parenthood Federation is a global service provider and leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Opportunity International provides ‘microloans’ to entrepreneurs in some of the world’s poorest nations. This not for profit organisation has a stunning 98% repayment rate for its loans – which are then re-invested with other entrepreneurs and small business owners in developing nations.

Oxfam International is a longstanding global organisation seeking to combat poverty and injustice around the world.

Population Services International is a nonprofit organisation that promotes products, services and healthy behaviour that enable low-income and vulnerable people to lead healthier lives. Through initiatives like distributing bednets and condoms in developing countries where malaria and HIV/AIDS are major risks to life, GiveWell gave PSI its highest rating.

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