Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pro MMA Fighter Mike Maguire endorses the 'King of Cutting'

“Heading into my first professional MMA bout I weighed a sluggish 204lbs at about 10-12% body fat 2 months beforehand. Through Cliff’s training regime and nutritional advances I was able to reach my goal of 195lbs at the weigh in (24hrs prior to fight) with a lean 6% body fat. Cliff demonstrates a strong confidence in his methods, he believes in his clients, and will go the distance to improve the total quality of their training and nutrition. I won in the first round by way of KO...needless to say Cliff was right there, making sure I was stretched and ready to fight and with me at ringside the whole way.”

Mike Maguire (Pro MMA fighter - Universal MMA)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Praise for the 'King of Cutting' from Pro MMA fighter Kyle Wisniewski

" I started to see Cliff once my first professional mma fight at 205lbs
was scheduled. I was weighing about 225lbs so I was a little concerned.
Cliff made me feel confident with his scientific approach to my training
camp diet and especially the last day weight cut. In the end I made my
weight with ease and was able to maximize my fight day weight to gain an
advantage. I already have plans for 'The King of the Cut' to be involved
for my next fight!"

Kyle Wisniewski
Team Franco MMA

Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 Fighters...2 cuts and 2 succesful debuts in Pro MMA

'Nutritionist Cliff Harvey shows again that he knows how to get fighters in the best shape for their fights!'