Monday, November 10, 2008

Of fat dietitians and slovenly trainers.....

I had an interesting discussion with some colleagues of mine about a few particular fitness industry 'visionaries' (who shall remain nameless!) who are, by all acounts in less than optimal shape....
The point was made by one of my associates (who happens to be in EXTREMELY good shape) that perhaps people who are visionary and who founded succesful businesses and formulated innovative programmes in the health and fitness industries need not remain in exemplary shape. The idea being that they over time become 'leaders rather than participants...'
And while I agree to a point that someone in a leadership role in the industry need not be a bronzed Adonis, I also firmly believe that health, wellness and fitness are a LIFESTYLE. Regular exercise, consistent and healthy eating and a life that takes into account things like stress levels and healthy sleep patterns is a life of BALANCE. One of the key attributes of teaching and guiding others is to be able to do it YOURSELF!
How can someone claim to know what others should be doing to be; healthier, in better shape, stronger and happier (!) if they aren't living it themselves?
In the words of Jay-Z "You can't talk about it if you ain't livin' it"!

We can learn from anyone else. And some of my most valuable mentors have been somewhat out of shape. But I still think that the people we look to most should also 'walk the walk' and not merely 'talk.'

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; 'Talk is cheap, dreams are free. We are defined by our actions and judged by our intentions...'