Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Conversations about 'Choosing You!'...Part 2!

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Another reader shared some fantastic feedback about 'Choosing You' with us via email this morning. I was as usual touched and overjoyed that someone had been inspired by my words...

"Cliff's book is great! I think the universe is trying to tell me something. The week after I received the book, a patient gave me 4 CDs as a present - The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. As I was reading your book, I also started listening to the CDs in my car. Both these things are telling exactly the same thing! Sadly though, when I was younger I truly did live these principles out but somehow along the road, forgot how to! Now the book & the CDs are teaching me again. I am forced to look deep within myself again & find my dreams. People like Cliff are few and far between. Thank you for helping me & sharing the book with me. It is one of those books that a person will read more than once. Each time you read it, it will address another aspect or give you a different view..."

I was talking with a good friend of mine - a succesful business author, about how virtually all writers want to throw their work in the bin when they first complete it!...We are all our own harshest critics and I was certainly not immune to that after writing 'Choosing You'. I didn't know what people would think of my writing, my approach to life and my exercises and anecdotes in the book. But I did know that using many of these approaches and concepts had helped me to achieve successes in my own life, and had helped my patients and clients to strive for and reach their dreams in theirs.... If one person achieved greater fulfilment, satisfaction and happiness in their life as a result of 'Choosing You' that would be more than enough reward for me, and so to get feedback like that above is absolutely amazing!..So thanks to everyone who has read and enjoyed 'Choosing You' by doing so you have helped to make one of my dreams a reality too!

- Cliff

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Conversations about 'Choosing You!'

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A reader of 'Choosing You' sent me a touching email today. In it he recounted an experience with a young man he knows who was charged for driving under the influence. The reader of course had limitless empathy for the young guy but also recognised that the anger and resentment towards the 'system' and to those around him was misdirected. He had after all made a series of choices and was now reaping the consequences of his actions....

My reader went on to say: "This chap had chosen to do all of those things and that his choices had consequences...."my grandparents were killed by drink drivers before I was born - not their choice. I also could remember a lady in the gym coming up to my trainer and embarrasing him in front of a new client (me) by asking if he had got home alright, as she had found him stumbling home drunk, from a party and taken him home. I said to my trainer - you made a choice to stumble home, and the only consequence was slight embarrassment...Choosing You is great Cliff."

"Cliff - I am envious of you in the fact that you have reached such a high level of awareness at such an early age... you are going to make so much of the years ahead of you. Don't get me wrong, I have few, if any regrets over my life so far, but wonder how much more I could have achieved had I been as aware as you in my early 20s.....thank you so much for retaining me as a client, friend and Jedi in training!"

I am SO reticent in accepting a compliment like this as I struggle each and every day with my own awareness and my choices in life. It seems like each and every one of us swings from self-assuredness, purpose and happiness to dismay, confusion and depression...but I think the key is being aware of that situation, putting in place positive and powerful choices and keeping perpetual self belief that we ALL can BE better, can DO better and can live a life of greater and greater love and joy.

The last few weeks have been very challenging for me....

I miss home, I miss my family and my closest friends and I feel that I have drifted (as we all can be prone to do) into some cycles and situations that are not part of my personal legend. But at least I've realised now and I can get back on track.

In life we are constantly being pushed slightly aside by the waves and currents of life and it's inevitable obstacles and if we are not aware we can end up far from our goals and dreams - but with awareness I'm sure we can be gentle with our rudder and steer back to our chosen course.

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