Sunday, December 02, 2007

Trainer....Train Thyself!

I had some interesting comments from several well as trainers following my "Trainer Know Thyself" post from last week...

And an industry journal I was reading today got me thinking again...

Why is it that many of the Nutritionists and Dieticians I see writing articles and making bold pronouncements about what the rest of us should eat are fat?

I can only draw two conclusions from this - 1. They either don't practice what they preach OR 2. Their recommendations don't work!

The same goes for trainers...Now I don't expect every nutritionist, trainer, dietician and strength coach to be an adonis. Hey in many cases a trainer or strength coach has less compulsion to be, for example: lean, than a nutritionist, as diet is so important yet many trainers and strength coaches unashamedly aren't that interested in nutrition - it's not their speciality.

But should a strength coach be strong? Should a movement and agility specialist be agile?

I guess you can 'teach'...but should you also be able to 'do'?

Of course none of us are perfect. We all make compromises. Hey it would be hard to be a perennial world champion strength athlete, with all the demands that, that entails and also have enough time and energy to be the best strength coach around. It's also impossible to eat 'perfectly' all the time...

But guess what?...

You don't have to! Perfection is a concept that is moot. There are too many variables in life and perfection, whilst being something we can at times strive towards to achieve excellence, is never attainable. BUT we need not worry because if we do 'most things right, most of the time' we WILL get great results - in strength, in conditioning and of course in our aesthetic. Form follows function after all!

Walk the talk! And not just for your clients, your appearance and branding...those things are extensions of what is important...
Do MOST THINGS RIGHT MOST OF THE TIME so that you can be the strongest, healthiest, most functional YOU, that you can be - whilst also having a life.

Be an example - You chose this occupation, do it and yourself justice!

....Just promise to give me a break next time you see me sinking a fine amber ale at the local pub ;-)

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